Drink Coffee. Give HOPE.

We've had many come to us asking, "what is HOPE Coffee?" 

The Java Goat has partnered with HOPE Coffee because we love to see that the work they do changes lives. HOPE Coffee works alongside local churches of Honduras and Mexico, repairing homes, supporting clean water, and ultimately sharing hope. They have worked with the local coffee farmers, keeping them in business by buying the coffee beans harvested in those very villages. That coffee is not only farmed and hand-picked but also cleaned and packed up for the Texas HOPE Coffee base. There they will roast the organic coffee beans, and prepare them to sell to those all around the US. This not only provides work and jobs for people in Honduras and Mexico but it also gives them the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus. HOPE Coffee is a non-profit ministry and has reached out to many cafes, churches, and businesses to further this ministry and keep it alive and well. Being a coffee business we too have partnered with them, believing the work they do is not only important but also life-changing. 

Below is the 2019 impact report of how the Lord has used HOPE Coffee to do His good work:


As stated above this coffee is farmed by the local families in Honduras and Mexico. They provide jobs not only for the coffee farmers but men and women who handpick and gather the coffee beans in burlap sacks. They are then taken through a cleaning process preparing them for their journey to Texas where they will be carefully roasted. The coffee beans are planted and harvested in the mountains of Honduras and Mexico. This coffee, unlike what you buy from your local grocery store, is carefully and organically grown, cleaned, and roasted all by people who love coffee just as much as you do.   

If you have any questions or simply want more information, feel free to email us at thejavagoat@gmail.com. 

We support HOPE Coffee ministry and pray that many see the difference they are making!