I wasn't going to write this blog on gratitude. I wasn't feeling too grateful when I had planned to sit down and compose it. My day started late, I was tired. I didn't have my cup of coffee *GASP* I know it's horrible. I wasn't motivated to start work and the weather was bitter cold. Needless to say the list goes on, I just was not feeling the best, and that attitude of gratitude was not there. I asked myself this, "What do I have to be thankful for?" So far the day was just bad, and I really wanted to just throw myself a pity party. But, that still small voice inside said, "you are blessed." 

And really, I am. I have a warm home to wake up in, I have coffee to drink, and a coffee business to run! The beauty of the seasons changing are something that is miraculous to experience. I'm healthy, I'm living, and I'm free. As you can imagine that really wrecked my pity party. The balloons deflated pretty quickly. Being able to count your blessings is a blessing alone. That is something I've needed to remind myself many, many times. Imagine those who have none to count. You see the Children in places that are destitute, famine-stricken, dirty, and starved, but yet they smile. How many of us can say we truly are grateful on our worst days. What is gratitude? Isn't it just when you realize that your glad you have something, or someone in your life. OR is it a way of stripping back the layer of selfishness that society has so generously lathered upon us. Selfishness is something that is rooted in every bad feeling. Jealousy, hate, ungratefulness, the list goes on. We have become so accustomed to the self-minded life we live. It's hard when all the world is walking in one direction and we try to walk opposite. But what does that have to do with being grateful? Simple, when we are self-minded and we face something that rocks our comfortable life, we forget what we have, all the good that we've been too blind to really appreciate. 

That catchy line from some movie comes to mind when I say that. "You don't know what you really have until you've lost it all."  But how did we get to this point? Why can't we see what we have? Why have we allowed ourselves to be completely immune to selfishness? Are we really that consumed in self? What's even more heart wrenching is that some of us know we are, but continue to live in it. We see the flow we follow and never change course. 

So again I ask you, are you really grateful?

We take so much for granted, and we don't know what we have until it's taken from our grasp. Going into this season of change, change your thinking. Truly be grateful, because no matter how wrecked your life may be there is always something to be thankful for.